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누라 게아게아
Noora Geagea


누라 게아게아(Noora Geagea)는 핀란드-레바논 혼혈 예술가로, 비디오와 사진 작업을 중심으로 활동합니다. 그녀는 문화적 태도와 구조, 그리고 개인과 집단의 표현으로서의 몸의 움직임에 관심을 가지고 이야기를 전달합니다. 그녀는 리듬 체조에서부터 장편 영화의 카메라 조수까지 다양한 교육을 받았으며, 2009년에는 런던 예술 대학교(LCF)에서 패션 사진학 석사 학위를 받았습니다. 그녀의 작품은 헬싱키의 Forum Box 갤러리, 핀란드 Mänttä의 Serlachius 박물관 Göstä, 브레멘의 Weserburg 현대미술 박물관, 베를린의 Salon Dahlman, 그리고 York 박물관이 주관한 Aesthetica 아트 프라이즈 전시회 등 다양한 박물관과 갤러리에서 전시되었습니다.

Noora Geagea (b. 1981 in Helsinki, Finland) is a Finnish-Lebanese artist who mainly works with video and photography. She is a storyteller with interest in cultural attitudes and structures and body movement, as an expression of the individual and the collective. Her training weaves from competitive rhythmic gymnastics to camera assisting in feature films, with Geagea receiving an MA Fashion Photography degree from LCF, University of the Arts London in 2009. Her works have been shown in various museums and galleries including Forum Box Gallery, Helsinki, the Serlachius Museums Göstä in Mänttä, Finland, Weserburg Museum of Modern Art, Bremen, Salon Dahlman in Berlin and Aesthetica Art Prize exhibition by the York Museums Trust.



2007-2009 MA Fashion Photography, LCF, University of the Arts London, UK
2002-2005 BA (Hons) Photography 2:1, The NoTngham Trent University, UK

2001-2002 Cinema Studies, Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts (FAMU), Prague,Czech Republic


2023 Puistokatu4, Zeteen ja toivon talo, Helsinki, Finland (with Siiri Haarla) (UPCOMING) 2023 Hippolyte Studio, Helsinki, Finland (UPCOMING)
2023 Galleria Ville, Nurmijärvi, Finland
2021 The Pla`orm Gallery, Helsinki, Finland

2019 Struggle, ARTag gallery, Helsinki, Finland
2017 One Move, Artag gallery studio, Helsinki, Finland
2016 Smashing the Patriarchy, Artag gallery, Helsinki, Finland
2014 Five (with EGS), NaZonal Gallery of Arts, Tirana, Albania
2014 Watch Me, Gallery Hippolyte Studio, Helsinki, Finland
2013 Interdependent, Gallery Huuto, Jätkäsaari II, Helsinki, Finland
2012 Crossovers, Curated by Anna MieTnen, Ludviginkatu 3-5, Helsinki, Finland



2023 Riga Biennale, RIBOCA3, Curated by Rene Block, Riga, Latvia (UPCOMING)
2023 ArZsts’ Island, Harakka, Curated by Porin Kulfuurisäätö, Helsinki, Finland (UPCOMING)
2023 Urbane Kunste Ruhr and Frauen Film Fest, Curated by Vivien Buchorn, Wife (UPCOMING) 2023 Dance Current Tampere, Film Screening CONNECTED, Curated by Gifa Wigron & KaZ Kallio 2022 Instants Video FesZval, Marseille, France
2022-2023 And I Trust You, Curated by Linda Peitz & Anna MieTnen, MieTnen CollecZon, Berlin 2022 NEMUS, Curated by Veikko Halmetoja, Glasshouse Gallery, Helsinki
2021 Helsinki Contemporary x DAATA screening, Kino Engel, Helsinki, Finland
2021 ArZsts ́ Island, Harakka Island, Helsinki
2021 Nastola Summer ExhibiZon, Lahti, Curated by Veikko Halmetoja
2021 Tehdas Tanssii Contemporary Dance Festival & screening, Hämeenlinna
2020 Eläköön tanssielokuva!-event & screening, WHS Theatre, Helsinki
2020 Dance Current Contemporary Dance FesZval & screening, Tampere
2020 FantasZc Death, Curated by Anna MieTnen, Forum Box, Helsinki, Finland
2019-2020 Serlachius Museums CollecZon exhibiZon, Mänfä, Finland
2018 Camden Arts Center, The London Summer Intensive residency showcase exhibiZon, London, UK 2018 Mänfä Art FesZval, Curated by Veikko Halmetoja, Mänfä, Finland
2017 Dreamaholic: The MieTnen CollecZon, Weserbug Museum of Modern art, Bremen, DE
2016 Moi Helsinki!, Curated by Kaisa Salmi, Xidan- culture square, Beijing, CN
2015-2016 Gegen against, Curated by Anna MieTnen & Noora Geagea, Salon Dahlmann, Berlin,DE 2015 AestheZca Art Prize, Longlisted, York Museums Trust, UK
2014 Urban ConnecZons, Powerplant Museum of Vanhakaupunki, Helsinki, FI
2014 YRJÖ16, Curated by General Minds, Yrjönkatu 16, Helsinki, FI
2013 Moving Image London, UK
2013 LOIKKA dance film fesZval, Helsinki, FI
2013 Pyhäniemi Manor, Curated by Riikka Latva-Somppi, Hollola, FI
2012-2013 28 X Gumbostrand, Curated by Marjukka Uusitalo, Sipoo, FI
2009 MA_STERS, MA show, LCF, University of the Arts London, The Mall Galleries, London, UK
2008 State of Independenz, Curated by Tony Charalambous, Fashion Space Gallery, London,UK



2023, Exercises in Respect Magazine, Riga Biennale (RIBOCA3), PublicaZon

03/2023, Radio Helsinki, , interview about my work (in Finnish) 07/2021 Helsingin Sanomat Nature Trip exhibiZon review (in Finnish)
05/ 2021 No Niin Magazine Interview about my work
04/2021 Helsingin Sanomat recommending SZll Struggling solo show (in Finnish)

01/2020 Helsingin Sanomat FantasZc Death exhibiZon review (in Finnish)
01/2020 FantasZc Death exhibiZon review (in Finnish)
2/2017 DREAMAHOLIC CATALOGUE, MieTnen CollecZon, Weserburg of Modern Art, Bremen 02/2017 Die Kreiszeitung, Dreamaholic review
02/2017 Die Tageszeitung, Dreamaholic review
5/2016 Timo Valjakka’s review on the Smashing the Patriarchy exhibiZon in Helsingin Sanomat 2016 GEGEN AGAINST CATALOGUE, EdiZon 2, Salon Dahlmann
01/2016 Ingeborth Ruthe, Frankfurter Rundschau, GEGEN AGAINST exhibiZon review
5/2014 Veikko Halmetoja, Helsingin Sanomat, YRJÖ16 exhibiZon review
4/2013 Jussi Mankkinen, YLE kulfuuriuuZset, Interview on LOIKKA dance film fesZval
01/2013 Harri Mäcklin, Helsingin Sanomat, INTERDEPENDENT exhibiZon review (in Finnish) 3/2012 Veikko Halmetoja, Helsingin Sanomat, YLIVETOJA exhibiZon review



2022- VisiZng Lecturer, KUVA the Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki, Finland
2021-2022 SubsZtute Art teacher, Annantalo, Helsinki, Finland
2019-2021 VisiZng Course Teacher, KUVA, Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki, Finland
2019-2021 VisiZng Photography & Art workshop teacher, Laakavuori elementary school, Helsinki 2015 Photography Course Leader, Hyvinkää Art School, Finland

2011-2012 Photography Course Teacher, Östra Nylands Yrkesskola, Porvoo, Finland 2009-2010 VisiZng Photography Workshop Leader, University of the CreaZve Arts, Kent 2008-2009 Guest Lecturer, American InterconZnental University, Paris, France
2009 Guest Lecturer, LCF, University of the Arts London, UK


2022 Oskar Öflunds SZvelse
2022 Arts PromoZon Center Finland
2021 Arts PromoZon Center Finland
2020 Finnish Cultural FoundaZon
2020 Arts PromoZon Center Finland
2018 Arts PromoZon Center Finland
2018 Niilo Helander FoundaZon
2018 Oskar Öflunds SZvelse
2018 Arts PromoZon Center Finland
2018 AVEK, The PromoZon Center for Audiovisual Culture Finland 2018 Arts PromoZon Center Finland
2016 Arts PromoZon Center
2016 City of Helsinki
2016 Finnish Art Society, The Young ArZst Grant



Serlachius Museums CollecZon | Finnish State Art Deposit CollecZon | The MieTnen CollecZon | Aine Art Museum | KEVA, Finland


2020-2022 Board member of AssociaZon of Photographic ArZsts in Finland 2018- AV-ARKKI, the DistribuZon Center for Finnish Media Art
2014-2020 Board member of Publics (Previously known as Checkpoint Helsinki) 2018 Chair of Publics, Helsinki

2014- AssociaZon of Photographic ArZsts in Finland 2013- Gallery Huuto, Helsinki

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